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Girl in Beach – Google Chrome Theme – Free Download

Girl in Beach

My new Google Chrome Theme is the silhouette of a girl standing on a beach against the sunset.   The sunset, the calm sea and the girl present a feast to the eyes.  It is a 1920×1200 resolution theme.  Please see the screen shot to adjust the image to your screen size.  If you face any problem after resizing the image, please leave a request in comments and mention your screen resolution.  I will upload the theme with resolution you requested.

Rio Carnival – Google Chrome Theme – Free Download

Rio Carnival

Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is famous all over the world.  The Carnival is held every year before lents.  A of a large number of people participate including schools of Brazil.  The colorful dresses and elaborate ornaments of the participants are a stunning attraction.  Music and Dance heighten the spirit of carnival and the joy and cheer of the people.  This Google Chrome Theme is the pic of a participant wearing colorful attire with elaborate decoration of his dress.  It reflects the pomp and grandeur of the carnival.

Rio Beach Night View – Google Chrome Theme – Free Download

Copacana Beach

This is Copacana Beach of Rio de Janeiro.  Copacana Beach is one of the most visited beaches in the world.  One of the longest.  The beach is 4 kms long.  The night view is no less beautiful.    The fire crackers have lit up the beach and enhanced its beauty.   This is a must-visit beach in Bazil.

Merry Christmas – Free Google Chrome Theme

Christmas is fast approaching and its merry christmas everywhere.  To share the joy I have made a Google Chrome Theme.  This enhances the joy of Christmas.  Vibrant colored theme and truly reflects the season of Christmas.  I made this theme in four resolutions  1280×1024, 1366×768, 1600×1280, 1920×1200.

Please feel express how this theme feels for you with your comments.  Please feel free to browse Google Chrome Themes across many sections like abstract, 3d, digital, nature, sunset, birds, animals, snakes, flowers etc.

Google Chrome Theme – Blue Resort