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Ubuntu Wallpapers – Windows Desktop Theme – Free Download

This is a Windows Desktop Theme made with the Wallpapers that come with various versions of Ubuntu Operating System.  Many of the Wallpapers are kool, beautiful and enchanting.  Those Wallpapers have been used to create this desktop theme. All images are Full HD Images.  

Color Stripes – Windows Desktop Theme – Free Download

Color Stripes Desk

This is a Windows theme created with 31 beautiful images of color stripes.  All are full HD images.  The colors are bright and gorgeous.  These wallpapers will make your screen colorful, make you happy and relaxed.  The default Screensaver is Bubbles but you can change it if you wish.  Please check the screenshots !

Water Colors – Windows Theme – Free Download


This is Water Colors theme for Windows.  The Images were very large and of very high resolution.  I resized them to 1920×1200 size without much compromising the quality.  The colors are very bright and surely pep up your spirits !

Digital Color – Windows Theme – Free Download

This is ‘Digital Colors’ Windows Theme.  This theme has 10 beautiful images of digital art.  The designs are so appealing and beautiful.  The colorful lines and curves are very pleasing to eyes.  Relax with the colors !

Creative – Windows Desktop Theme – Free Download


This is ‘Creative’ Windows Theme.  This theme has 9 beautiful images that show case the creativity of digital art.  The imagination of the artists is worth applauding.  The impossible is made possible in these images.  Sky is the limit !