5 Best Android Launchers

One of the great feautes of Android is that you can customize your phone the you like it. Every Rom of Android comes with its own launcher. But you can change the launcher and change the look and feel of your device as you wish and as per your convenience.

Though I like ADW very much, I have tested a few launchers which are available for free at google play. I found that the following are among the best and can be preferred for use.

7 Kewl Chrome Themes

Chrome has many kewl themes at its Chrome Store. I tried to present you a few elegant, decent themes that will get you off your pressures and make you kewl.

1. Math Lollipop : This a very good theme with 1280X768 resolution. This will definitely enhance the beauty of your Chrome window.

7 Must have Add Ons for Firefox

Firefox is one of the most used web browsers. What makes it spicier is the add ons that make your tasks and browsing easier. Following ae a few add ons that every firefox user must have. Well, there are many other add ons which are very important and useful but I chose the best ones only to make the list smaller.

7 Most Popular Word Games for Android

Word Games are kewl, calm and stimulating. They are the best pastime for many. Because they throw silent challenges.  Word Games are very popular and are liked by people of all ages.  Many Word Games are available on the Android Play Store.  The following are the Most Popular and the Best of Word Games available at the Google Play.

How to install and configure TOR on Ubuntu 12.04LTS / Win 7 ?

Tor (The Onion Router) is an anonymizing software to ensure security and privacy. Tor provides more privacy and anonymity than an encrypted traffic transfer. Tor hides your IP address and the route through which your traffic passes is changed every 10 minutes or so. This prevents the destination website to analyse your traffic such as your IP address, your browsing behaviour, time you spent on a website etc. See the pic below to know how Tor actually works.

Gmail space increased to 10GB

I logged in to my Gmail Account as usual a few minutes ago.  I was surprised to find Google has enhanced the storage space from 7.7 GB to 10 GB.  Check out the Screenshot below :

How to use Gmail as Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is the newest craze among the netizens now. Many Cloud Storage Services have sprouted recently offering from 2GB to Unlimited storage space, whether it is for free or for a fee. But before rushing to signup with those cloud storage providers, I feel we should take a look at our email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo etc. to use as Cloud Storage. Gmail is offering more than 7GB of space in your account, while Yahoo is offering Unlimited space. But as Gmail is the most used email service, I deal with Gmail here. But How to use Gmail as cloud storage?

5 Good Task List apps for Android :

I used Google Calendar on my phone to manage my tasks but wanted to have a few more features like tagging, nagging alarm etc. So I started exploring the Android Market (Google Play) for a better to do list app. I think the following are a few very good apps ( I don’t want to call them the best ‘coz every app has left out some important features or customization). Please check out the permissions the apps are asking for and their privcy policies, if any, before downloading them.

How to add Yoono Desktop Client to launcher on Ubuntu Linux 11.04?

Yoono is one of many applications that allow us to post to social networks like twitter, facebook etc. from one place. I used Gwibber for the purpose but wanted to try Yoono as well as my desktop social networking client. Since Yoono is not installed on ubuntu and you have to launch it from the folder you extracted it I added it to the Unity Launcher so that I can easily access Yoono. I would like to share how I did it.

How To Create Secure Passwords You Can Remember Easily ?

Passwords.  These are very essential for our online life.  Unfortunately, they are the most neglected ones too.  Many people do not care for choosing good and strong passwords.  They prefer to choose passwords they can remember easily but weaker to crack.  But due care needs to be taken to choose a good, strong and easy to remember password.  Because no one likes his email or bank accounts to be hacked.  Today, I attempt to discuss the techniques in creating passwords which are strong and easy to remember.