How to add more bookmarks on Bookmarks Toolbar of Firefox/Chrome?

Many of us use Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox or Chrome.  The Bookmarks Toolbar cannot accommodate many bookmarks because the bookmarks are displayed both with text and icon.  The Easiest way to accommodate more bookmarks is to delete the name of the website and keep the favicon of the website.  (Please take a backup of your bookmarks by exporting them to a safe location before you try any of the following steps.  Click Bookmarks->Show All Bookmarks->Import and Backup->Export Backup to HTML.)

How to lock screen with One Click in Ubuntu 11.04?

On Ubuntu 11.04 there are three ways to lock screen. One way is to click power button on the top right hand corner of the screen and then press Lock Screen. Second way is to click Ctrl+Alt+L to lock Screen. Both ways lock the screen and launch the screensaver immediately. The third way is to enable “lock screen when screen is active”, it will lock the screen but it takes at least a minute to get the screensaver activated.

5 Free Alternatives for Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe PDF Reader is the most famous and used ( though not much preferred !) PDF Reader. But there are other free alternatives to it which are also very good to use and may be, better than Adobe Reader in some aspects like usage of RAM.

5 Gmail tips you do not know

Gmail is used by millions world wide and perhaps the best among the lot. Gmail is abundant with useful features for its users who may be dumb noobs or experts. There are many tips to make it more useful to cater to our requirements. I am discussing a few useful tips which will help use Gmail efficiently and easily.

5 Best Internet Proxy Websites

Everybody wants to surf anonymously without revealing their IP Address or any other information so that they are not prone to attacks of hackers, malwares etc.  But we do not know how to hide our IP from being seen.  This is when the Internet Proxy Sites or Web Proxy Sites extend their helping hand to us.

5 Best Sites for Android Apps & Games

Android is the most used Mobile OS after iOS and millions of new users are adopting it day by day. The strength of the Android OS is its applications.  You can get an app for every purpose.  Android Market is abound with millions of applications – free and paid – and games.  Apart from Market there are many other sites where the android apps are available.  I have compiled a 5 best sites to get best of the best apps.