9 Kool Covers for your Facebook Profile – Free Download


This is a set of 9 kool covers for your Facebook profile.  Very beautiful, attractive and pleasing covers.  They will truly enhance the beauty of your profile and tell more about you than your words !  These covers are made with images of trees, lakes, mountains, waterfall etc.

Sunsets and other Google + Covers – Free Download

Sunset 3

This is another set of Google+ Covers.  These are beautiful images of sunsets, clouds, lakes, moon and mountains.  These are really pictures of beautiful,  peaceful and soothing places you would ever wish to be on your vacation.  These are so enchanting and irresistible.

Water Colors – Windows Theme – Free Download


This is Water Colors theme for Windows.  The Images were very large and of very high resolution.  I resized them to 1920×1200 size without much compromising the quality.  The colors are very bright and surely pep up your spirits !

Digital Color – Windows Theme – Free Download

This is ‘Digital Colors’ Windows Theme.  This theme has 10 beautiful images of digital art.  The designs are so appealing and beautiful.  The colorful lines and curves are very pleasing to eyes.  Relax with the colors !

Creative – Windows Desktop Theme – Free Download


This is ‘Creative’ Windows Theme.  This theme has 9 beautiful images that show case the creativity of digital art.  The imagination of the artists is worth applauding.  The impossible is made possible in these images.  Sky is the limit !

Rio Carnival – Google Chrome Theme – Free Download

Rio Carnival

Carnival of Rio de Janeiro is famous all over the world.  The Carnival is held every year before lents.  A of a large number of people participate including schools of Brazil.  The colorful dresses and elaborate ornaments of the participants are a stunning attraction.  Music and Dance heighten the spirit of carnival and the joy and cheer of the people.  This Google Chrome Theme is the pic of a participant wearing colorful attire with elaborate decoration of his dress.  It reflects the pomp and grandeur of the carnival.

Rio Beach Night View – Google Chrome Theme – Free Download

Copacana Beach

This is Copacana Beach of Rio de Janeiro.  Copacana Beach is one of the most visited beaches in the world.  One of the longest.  The beach is 4 kms long.  The night view is no less beautiful.    The fire crackers have lit up the beach and enhanced its beauty.   This is a must-visit beach in Bazil.

Rio Night View – Google Chrome Theme for Free Download

rio night view

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in South America. Rio is Famous for its natural beauty, glorious beaches, joyfulness, carnvals and samba dance.  The beaches of Rio are world famous for their beauty and celebration.  This Google Chrome Theme is a beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro at sunset. The panoramic view has natural wonder Sugarloaf mountain.

Rio Olympics – Google Chrome Theme – Free Download

Rio Olympics are starting tomorrow !  Its time to trigger the festival !  I want to do it with a few nice, beautiful Google Chrome Themes.  Rio Dejaneiro is buzzing with mascots and cheers all over.

The mascot Vinicius spreads joy and friendship all over the world.  The paralympics mascot inspires to use creativity and determination and always reach further and have fun.

Google + Covers Free download


I have made another set of Google+ Covers for free download. Digital Art, Flowers and Water are the covers today.  As usual I have made them without watermark.  Add them to your Google+ profiles and share this website with your friends to download more from this site !