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7 Must have Add Ons for Firefox

Firefox is one of the most used web browsers. What makes it spicier is the add ons that make your tasks and browsing easier. Following ae a few add ons that every firefox user must have. Well, there are many other add ons which are very important and useful but I chose the best ones only to make the list smaller.

How to add more bookmarks on Bookmarks Toolbar of Firefox/Chrome?

Many of us use Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox or Chrome.  The Bookmarks Toolbar cannot accommodate many bookmarks because the bookmarks are displayed both with text and icon.  The Easiest way to accommodate more bookmarks is to delete the name of the website and keep the favicon of the website.  (Please take a backup of your bookmarks by exporting them to a safe location before you try any of the following steps.  Click Bookmarks->Show All Bookmarks->Import and Backup->Export Backup to HTML.)