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Android Antiviruses – A Comparison

Every Android phone user is very much worried about security of his/ her device and there are many Antivirus apps are there in the Google Play Store for the rescue.  While many factors are considered in choosing the right antivirus for an android device, users want to know which Antivirus is offering maximum features to protect their devices.  Many users prefer to use free apps rather than the paid apps.

With a point of view of an ordinary user, I have tried to compare the features offered by the most popular antivirus programmes. The table below has the comparison of most wanted features for any android device.

3Best Time pass Games on Android

1.  Ant Smasher : It is a good time pass game.  Smash the ants without getting your hands dirty.  The sound effects are good. As the game progresses, game gets faster.  You should be careful enough not to touch the honey bee.  If you touch the honey bee the game is over and you have to start the game again.


3 Best Jewel Games for Android

Matching the dazzling  Jewels is great fun and these games are the best way to kill your time. The sparkling colors pacify us.  They are the favourite of many gamers. On android play store there are many jewel games but I found the following the best in terms of playability, graphics, music, number of levels etc.

5 Best Android Launchers

One of the great feautes of Android is that you can customize your phone the you like it. Every Rom of Android comes with its own launcher. But you can change the launcher and change the look and feel of your device as you wish and as per your convenience.

Though I like ADW very much, I have tested a few launchers which are available for free at google play. I found that the following are among the best and can be preferred for use.

5 Good Task List apps for Android :

I used Google Calendar on my phone to manage my tasks but wanted to have a few more features like tagging, nagging alarm etc. So I started exploring the Android Market (Google Play) for a better to do list app. I think the following are a few very good apps ( I don’t want to call them the best ‘coz every app has left out some important features or customization). Please check out the permissions the apps are asking for and their privcy policies, if any, before downloading them.

5 Best Sites for Android Apps & Games

Android is the most used Mobile OS after iOS and millions of new users are adopting it day by day. The strength of the Android OS is its applications.  You can get an app for every purpose.  Android Market is abound with millions of applications – free and paid – and games.  Apart from Market there are many other sites where the android apps are available.  I have compiled a 5 best sites to get best of the best apps.