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Modern Design – Twitter Cover – Free Download

Its a cover with modern design.  Multi-colored image shows the creativity of the artist.  The reflection is so good and subtle.

Water Colors – Windows Theme – Free Download


This is Water Colors theme for Windows.  The Images were very large and of very high resolution.  I resized them to 1920×1200 size without much compromising the quality.  The colors are very bright and surely pep up your spirits !

Digital Color – Windows Theme – Free Download

This is ‘Digital Colors’ Windows Theme.  This theme has 10 beautiful images of digital art.  The designs are so appealing and beautiful.  The colorful lines and curves are very pleasing to eyes.  Relax with the colors !

Abstract Lady – Google Theme for free download

This is an Abstract Lady Google Chrome Theme for free Download.  The art in the theme is a rendering of a lady combined with Abstract art.  The colors are very bright, soothing and appealing.  The colors will please you instantly.  Please download as many themes as you want apart from this chrome theme.  The copyrights of the image belong to the owner.

Google+ Covers Free Download


Here is yet another set of Google+ Covers for free download.  Art, Animation, Flowers are the covers today.  As usual I have made them without watermark.  Do refer your friends to download more from this site !

Lady with Violin – Google Chrome Theme

A beautiful pencil sketch of an indian lady playing violin.  This theme is available only in 1280×1024 resolution.



Google Chrome Theme – Neon Book


Google Chrome Theme – Mikes



Google Chrome Theme – Guitar1



Google Chrome Theme – Game City1